Return of Alice (Video Madness)

Alice - Snail Fight

Snail Fight!

Here’s the official statement regarding the “Return of Alice” video which was being presented at

Yesterday, a few sites picked up a video of Alice made by one of our fans and confused it as an official trailer of Alice 2. I wanted to clear up any confusion – as I mentioned in my post it was unofficial, and does not represent any of the final art direction or story elements in Alice 2. We look forward to sharing information on the game in the future.

The content has since been removed from, but it still lives in its original location – on the website of its creator, Troy Morgan. You if you missed it, you can see it here.


  1. oh thank god.

    i personally didn’t like the style for A game, for a movie it’s awesome but not for a game…

    and i’m still trying to get a copy of his “song of the mermaid”…

    do it realistic. realistic sells.

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  15. I almost want to say its a shame that it was official, but I’m sure whatever you’re coming up with will be incredible.

    I love the idea of a stop motion teaser for a game, since it forces people to look at the story and the character design and all the artistic elements, rather than just technology.

    Still, free advertising for all involved!

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  32. McGee… Do you think Tim Burton and Linda Wolverton had, somehow, made a copy of the script from the game?

    I reealy thought the movie with a very similar history… a lot of common stuff.

    *Red and Hearts queen are the same character.
    *The caterpillar have a “oraculum” function.
    *Alice is back after a long time.
    *The rabbit called her to save wonderland of queen’s madness.

    Don’t you think those things are to similar? And these are key points from the game and also from the movie. This kind of stuff shoudn’t be so look like!

    Ah, and one more thing. Congrats for the game! I waited almost seven years to play it because my old pc couldn’t play the engine. When I played it for the firt time I was so happy you can never imagine my face loking at the screen. I could not belive I was finally playing your game man!

    I was hoping for a remake, not a sequel, but the lines I’ve had read about the game’s history made me exited with the idea (but I still prefer a remake).

    Anyway. congrats! For the game, for your projects, for everything you have made so far.

    It’s easy to create a game. Anyone can do that. But when the conversation comes to the quality thigs get a little bit harder! And your Alice version is so cult, that only few people here in Brasil knows it. I really prefer alternative stuff! As the rest plays new games with no care about the history, but great brand new graphics, i realy enjoy playing the simple, but great and very creative Alice!

    Thanks for create my favorite game so far! And good luck with Alice’s Return!!!! Please, don’t desapoint me with this! 😀

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