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Author Topic: Manson on American McGee's Alice  (Read 65208 times)
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I think we all know what was said, but I'll post it anyway:
"I felt the music was too precious to give away for what they were offering. It wasnít really a situation where I wanted more money, I just didnít feel that it should be cheapened in the way that they were asking. Unfortunately this was so far into the whole process that my indelible stamp of the alchemical symbols and the Mad Hatter was actually fashioned after me, or even more so my grandfather. My mark is layed upon it, but not credited and Iím completely fine with that because I didnít find it to be something that is similar in any way to how I look at Alice in Wonderland. It wasnít really anything that accomplished what it should have. It was far too wishy-washy. It wasnít brave enough to be very violent and it wasnít soft enough to be for kids, so it left itself in a mediocre middle. Thatís not to say that itís the creatorís fault, itís just to say that is what happens when you donít have the courage to stand up for what youíre making." - Marilyn Manson
What do you guys think of this?  Speaking as someone who listened to a lot of Manson in junior high and high school, I feel he is full of crap.  I still love Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals, really anything before Holy Wood was good.  Holy Wood was a textbook example of mediocre, a display that told me Manson was no longer trying to be creative and resting on his laurels, suddenly talking about how his music was "Art" nonstop, the pretentious side of him taking over full force, becoming just another crappy nu metal artist.  I can't stand Manson now... all of his new songs sound like Ozzy, trying to be scary when people are over the shock.  And he calls Alice mediocre?  At least Alice was doing something different.  Alice was art, Manson is self-indulgent crap.
Thats just my opinion anyway, anybody else got one?