How to Kickstarter – Out of the Woods

How to use Kickstarter

Out of the Woods is a table top card game, illustrated book, coloring book, and collection of art prints available on Kickstarter now. Check out this how-to, then head over and BACK IT!

Firstly, you should know what items are in the Out of the Woods project for purchasing. We have….

* Out of the Woods Card Game ($25 + $10 Shipping = $35 each)
* Out of the Woods Illustrated Story Book ($55 + $12 Shipping = $67 each)
* Various Art Prints (add-on only) ($40 + $8 Shipping = $48 each)
* Out of the Woods Colouring Book (add-on only) ($20 + $7 Shipping = $27 each)

Down the right side of the Kickstarter page, you will see various ‘tiers’, and each one will tell you what items are within the tier and how much the tier costs.

You can only pledge to one tier, however, what you can do is purchase ‘add-ons’. These are managed by a service called Backerkit which you will see during checkout after the Kickstarter is successfully funded in mid-August.

Here’s a few examples of what to do to get the required items you might want.

You want to purchase 2 Card Games and 2 Art Prints.

The best way to achieve this is to simply purchase the single Card Game tier and then add enough extra money to your pledge to cover 1 extra game and 2 Art Prints ($35 + $48 + $48 = $131).

Example 2
You want 1 Card Game, 1 Illustrated Book and 1 Colouring Book.

You could either get the Collector Bundle which contains all those items (and more), or you could purchase the Game + Book bundle and then add extra money to your pledge to enable purchasing the Colouring Book during Backerkit checkout.

Example 3
You want 3 Card Games and 1 Illustrated Book

You should pledge to the Game + Book tier and then add extra money to your pledge to cover the 2 extra Card Games required which would be added to your purchase during the Backerkit checkout.

So, to sumarise.

* You can make essentially any combination of items you want by pledging to the best suited tier and then adding extra money for the extra items.

* Do not worry about not seeing the Backerkit section for add-ons straight away, this comes AFTER the Kickstarter project ends and you get to choose what the extra money you pledged was for.

If you still have any questions or are uncertain about anything, we’re happy to help out. Message us through Kickstarter or the Out of the Woods Facebook page and we’ll do our best to help you out.