Traffic Bump

Traffic Bump Last week we tried something new: Pitching a game concept in a public forum, via my blog. The motivation was simple: Reach as man

BaiJiu Racer Concept Announcement

Bai Jiu Racing Today we're going to try something a little different: Pitching a video game concept! Traditionally when I've pitched game c

Grimm’s Back! (Almost)

Nice Wolf, Nice Rabies Whew! It's been a while since I wrote a post. Was off in Japan, enjoying some trees, checking out Tokyo Game Show, eati

Japan & Tokyo Game Show

Fujiya Hotel, Hakone, Japan While the Spicy Horse team enjoys a much needed rest during Chinese National Holiday, I've spirited away to Japan.

Looking Glass Vet Joins Vyk Games

A big welcome to another foreigner in the big crazy pond that is China: Looking Glass Vet Joins Vyk Games | Edge Online Tom Sperry, former director a

GameTap Merges with Metaboli | Edge Online

Exciting news for GameTap this morning as they merge with one of France's leading online game and digital entertainment platforms: GameTap Merges with