Brain-Chipped McGee

The Guardian is running an interview with yours truly, where I talk about Grimm, games, inspirations, and getting "jacked in" to some form of digital

Grimm vs. The Children

Monkey Toy of Death Erin Bell over at CrispyGamer posted a nice review of the latest episode of Grimm, "Puss in Boots". From the article:

Grimm Episode 4 – “Puss in Boots”

Puss No Boots Another week, another episode of Grimm! This time around Grimm visits the well-known tale of "Puss in Boots" - to ridicule the id

Name That Puppy

A few days ago we added a puppy to the household. You can see her picture here. Now, I wouldn't normally choose something so tiny, cute, and cuddly as

Engine “Justice”

I read on Develop Magazine this morning of some non-movement with the lawsuit brought against Epic by Silicon Knights. Seems we need reassuring that "

Grimm Episode 3 – “Fishwife”

"Platform Madness from the Fisherman!" After a whole entire WEEK of waiting, Episode 3 is here at last! Amazing how that works, isn't it? And,