a friend sent me this link regarding burger king starting a campaign with activision where they give you a portable game device with your meal. could this be the first step towards retailer/advertiser funded original game content? i hope so. the alternate financing and distribution that setups like this could afford the industry might help to ease the original-content-free monopoly interactive publishers currently have over the industry.

already i’ve heard that the games given away are crap. when will burger king and others realize they could produce high-quality interactive games inside their existing television advertising budget and create dual content (games and animated commercials) that actually drives original branding/ip?? thank you, drive through please.

happy chinese new year!

it is the year of the cock! i’m in shanghai where outside it sounds like anti-aircraft guns are being fired… fireworks here are abundant and cheap. if it weren’t for the fact that it’s pouring down rain i’d be afraid the city might catch fire.

below is a picture from last night of the chinese new year festival in hong kong’s victoria park. the entire city shows up to walk around the massive outdoor market, purchase cock-related items, and scream nonesense at one another.

chinese new year

scrapland forum

the webmaster for a very cool scrapland community based in spain recently posted this note to my forums:

I’m the webmaster of Human Scraps, a spanish Scrapland community. The site is in both languages (spanish and english). You can enter the site by clicking here. There are forums too…You can join the community by registering in the forums. Mercury Steam people usually visit the forums too…
If you wanna see the forum structure in English, just choose default language: English in your profile properties or I can do it for you if you prefer.
Thanks for the attention and join!

check it out when you get a chance.

new things

whew, it’s been a while since i’ve had a chance to write an update. life has been hectic since december to say the least… my move to hong kong went as smoothly as i expect those sorts of things can. life thus far in the new city has been great. progress is being made on the production of bad day la and i’ve been writing on the oz films. there are some new projects in the works as well which i’ll be writing about soon.

as it seemed like it was time to make some changes i’ve also revamped the forum. take a look, and as always, feel free to comment.


wouldn’t you like to know what this is about?

-Update, October 12th 2006
Just a little FYI: “Red” as a project is something that I’ve been working on for the better part of a year. It’s envisioned as a full-blown entertainment property with game, film, and other components. Development on Red is, for the time being, on the back burner. This will likely be the 2nd project I run through the new Shanghai studio, so expect to see more on it around mid-2007.