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“Best Art Direction” for Alice: Madness Returns

MSNBC Tech has awarded Alice: Madness Returns a "Best Art Direction" award for 2011. Alice had some serious competition for the honor, going up ag

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Ebox – A Console for China

Ebox - A Console for China

Lots of news these days about Lenovo's announcement of the "Ebox" - a game console built in and for China (as well as the rest of Asia). It's not the

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Used Games = End of Gaming Industry

Rising Used Game Sales Another in a long line of articles on the subject of second-hand or used games over at PC World. This time blog author M



DexIQ for iPad Released

DexIQ Split-Screen Multiplayer Action Spicy Pony is proud to announce the release of DexIQ for iPad. The original DexIQ on iPhone was the Pony'

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Wind Power to Blow Strongly

From Shanghai Daily: Wind power to blow strongly CHINA is expected to increase its total offshore wind-power capacity from 5,000 megawatts in 2015

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An Argument for Ugly Characters

Ugly NPCs Here's something I wrote a while back when trying to convince the team that our online racing game should allow for ugly characters.

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