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Red & Social Media

Red Fighting the Wolves Yesterday saw a huge flood of online news generated by the posting of an image and a single tweet. The image represente

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Grimm on Direct2Drive

More ways to access your apples If you've been looking for an alternative method of downloading episodes of Grimm, your options just increased


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Get Grimm – Now on TryGames

"The Bank of Digital Distribution" Grimm episodes continue to garner positive praise from reviewers and audiences alike. Erin Bell over at Cri



Grimm – Episode 2 – Red Riding Hood

"Thumbs up!" Has it already been a week since we launched Grimm Episode 1?! Man, time flies when you're releasing weekly episodic content. The

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GameInformer Grimm Preview, Q&A

Screenshot from Red Riding Hood Jeff Cork over at GameInformer has a nice preview of Grimm along with a quick Q&A session where myself and K

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