wizards of art

art director ken wong recently sent me a cool image that i thought i would share. it comes from artist matt rhodes and is a very cool rendition of dorothy meeting with the wizard of oz:


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  1. You’re talking about Oz, which I look forward to see coming alive. But now that I’ve discovered your blog, I take the chance to say something about Alice: since the first time I saw it, I’ve thought it’s a pure work of genius based on a deep understanding of the book.

    Thank you. The way you realize games makes them a form of art.

    see ya


  2. It looks very nice, great composition, toto sneaking into the body is funny. I wish i could see Norm Felchle take on Oz.

  3. quit messing with those other games and work on these!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree, i too am eagerly awaiting a dark themed Oz, alice style. please, oh please make it the next project!

  5. It looks awesome!!! I can’t wait! well i guess i’ll have to but oh well…
    Good luck to you all!

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