Next Generation – Apocalypse McGee-Style

Next generation is running a Bad Day LA interview. Check it out…

Next Generation – Apocalypse McGee-Style
Tuesday, 09 August 2005
Bad Day L.A. is designer American McGee’s vision of “the apocalypse minus Jesus and pals.” Part third-person shooter, part comedy, part political commentary, McGee’s game, may be the title doomsayer gamers have been waiting for.

The player takes on the role of a homeless man in a City of Angels beset by meteors, set on fire, infested with zombies, infiltrated by terrorists, overridden by mobs and rocked by earthquakes. “What helps Anthony to survive while everyone else is making fudge pants is his complete lack of fear,” McGee (pictured) told Next Generation. “Being homeless and having already given up on society allows him a disconnected, ‘above it all’ sort of super-power.”

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