A Call To Ban Things #3

Hong Kong is a densely packed forest of high-rise business and residential buildings. In many respects it is a modern, high-tech place. But it’s also China, which translates to “a little backwards”. For instance, people often seem unclear on the concept of gravity. There are many tales told of random objects falling from the skies: televisions, construction equipment, windows, ashtrays, and more.

Over the weekend I read in the local paper about a women who was “bombed” by a pair of scissors:

Scissors thrown from highrise lodge in woman’s skull
Sunday, July 23, 2006 13:50 IST
HONG KONG: An elderly Hong Kong woman was rushed to hospital after a pair of scissors thrown from a high rise window lodged into her skull, police said on Sunday

The 78-year old was one of two people hurt by falling scissors on Saturday. In a separate incident a 28-year old man suffered cuts to his forehead when a pair hit him on the head.

And while this woman didn’t actually die, she very well could have. It seems the paramedics felt that she was saved by her frumpy grandma-hat.

If this had happened in the US I’m sure that Senator Clinton would have been calling for a ban on “Edward Scissorhands”  movies to minors. So along with calling for a ban on scissors, I’m also going to demand that everyone start wearing frumpy grandma-hats whenever they go outside. It’s for your own protection.
A few pictures of the newspaper article, taken with my camera phone:
ouch1 ouch2

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  1. *puts on frumpy grandma hat

    Actually, that’s kind of scary. What is someone thinking? Is that some sort of prank? “Let’s get a box of scissors and dump them over the side of a high rise.” How is that a good idea?

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