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We’re building a new develoment team in Shanghai! Our first title will be an episodic game set in a dark, fairy tale universe. I can’t say much about it now, but I do want to put the word out that we’re searching for team members. If you’re an experienced programmer, artist, level designer, writer, musician, producer, or other game related craftsman, and want to help build the best independent development studio in China, then let me know (post your info to the comments).

-edit: the comments section is moderated. your comments don’t post until i read them and decide if they should post. so don’t worry about your info being seen by the public. alternately, you can email me: amcgee (atsymbol) tmiec (dot) communist (minus the “munist”).

Ken Wong is already working on some early concept artwork for the project, which you can check out here:


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  1. GREAT!!!! can’t wait to play it, good luck with it hope it all goes well, and i love that ken wong is involved he is an amazing artist, and mix that with your great imagination and you’ve got a wicked video game!!!!

  2. oooooh man, reminds me of Ren & Stimpy for some reason. I wish I had industry experience so that I could come be a cool guy like you, American 😉

    I would still like to at least be considered for a position on the writing team. I don’t live in Shanghai, and I don’t have industry experience, but you can see some teasers of my work at my website. I know it’s not much, but I don’t have high hopes for this, so don’t worry about dashing them 🙂 You have to go with what’s best for the team.

  3. Hm…

    I’d apply for a position at this new studio if I had any skills outside of being able to snap my fingers…

    Then again, is that a rare ability these days?

    I knew this one guy who could lick his nose with his tongue. Then again, it never really helped him get a job.

  4. So, what is the chance of a linux client release?

    I know, I know… you don’t even have all of your coders yet, but your recent WGA frustrations have some of us linux gamers really excited!!



    Oh, plz plz plz ask Danny Elfman to do the soundtrack! It will be perfect, for he’s the best for a creepy fairlytale!

    Wishing you sucess,

    your #1 fan in Brazil! \o/

  6. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this endeavor… hopefully something as dark as Alice! and as unique as The Dark Eye.

  7. It’s not about moving jobs out of America. You have to think on a grander scale. We are all humans, and we’re all in this together. We need to make sure there are jobs everywhere in the world for knowledge workers, cutting down on poverty as a whole, and raising the amount of knowledgable people in the world. I would much rather see someone in India go through school, become knowledgable, contribute to the world and human knowledge, and work in a job that could easily be held here in America. If that job were here, where would that Indian person be?

    We need to expand human knowledge as a whole, regardless of political boundaries. The world is flat, my friend, and unless you get with the program and accept that people in other countries can be just as qualified to do your job as you are, then you are going to get trampled on and left behind. Just because you are American does NOT mean that there is a job waiting for you out there.

    If my company were to outsource to another country for its Information Services, I would not be bitter about losing my job. As long as there is someone in the world qualified to do the job, and he does it to the best of his ability, thinking of the company first, then that is all that matters. When you believe in a company, the people inside it are your family, and it’s not about whether they’re American, Indian, Chinese, Djiboutian; they’re HUMAN.

    Anyway, sorry, I get heated sometimes when people don’t think about things logically, and see things on a narrow scale. Mod this comment down if you wish, but I just had to say that and get it off my chest.

  8. Anyone else wondering how the team selection thing is going? The sooner a team is essembled, the sooner the new game can be made. Man, I hope I get a job offer. 😛

    By the way, when a company is opened in another country it doesn’t mean that country is stealing jobs from America. Basically, the world doesn’t revolve around America.

  9. Well…

    I cant start without, again, notice that some people STILL think in the world as a bunch of limits… i´m american, you are russian, he is chinese, and the rest arent humans….

    Well… ok.

    Mr. McGee

    I wish you the best luck with your new studio. Hope one day I can get enough experience to work with someone like you.

    Your #2 fan in Brazil ! \o/

  10. I’ts good to see that Game Development is growing in china, I plan to move there in 4 years after college at the Art Institute in Portland Or, with my wife. Perhaps then I can join the team.

    Good luck with new ventures.

  11. To “realamerican” – I can understand your frustration, there are many jobs leaving the u.s., and the causal relationship has to do with corporations paying dirt wages to workers eslewhere, along with their unwillingness to pay for health insurance. But why put that much presumption out onto McGee’s shoulders, why not just ask him why China. Really, I would hope the only “given” in this is only that the administration currently in power is doing everything to put NAFTA on steroids and discredit a health care intiiative that would actually help the working man and woman here, and that is frustrating. Equally frustrating, however, is the response to entirely invalidate what your response.
    One presumptuous invalidation after another condescending invalidation even more myopic in scope — two wrongs don’t make a right. There are certainly some valid compelling factors which would have brought Mr. McGee to the decision in basing his company in china. Perhaps if either you or Mr. Strozykosk would just have asked, rather than have presumed, you’d have received a response a tad more enlightening, from the source. other than that of Mr. Strozykosk

    I don’t disqualify your remark “realamerican” — your frustration is understandable, but probably not very well placed here. Mr. S’s claiming himself to be worldly, though, is ovviously not well placed, either, and adds insult to injury.

    Anyway, I would think only Mr. McGee would be the one qualified to explain why China.

    so, hey, why China?

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  13. Hey, I loved the Alice game of long ago now. Glad to see your still about and doing things, and I look forward to seeing your latest efforts.

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