Call for Sponsors

My Shanghai-based game development studio and our sister game art-outsourcing company (Vykarian – are running a video game art contest in China to spotlight the best and brightest game art talent in the country. We are working in partnership with a China’s most prominent gamer/IT magazine, “PopSoft” ( In addition to their huge online presence, Popsoft has a print circulation of over 300,000 – distributed on a bi-weekly basis.

Our contest will be featured in the print/online pages of PopSoft over the course of 4 months (8 issues). Issue #1 will include a multi-page spread with interviews, images, and description of the contest and prizes. The contest will ask participants to download an art test package and create 3D models based on the latest “Twisted Tale” game development. Subsequent issues will continue to promote the contest, with a final issue announcing the winners. We expect to receive attention and entrants from all over China.

My request: We are looking for corporate prize sponsors willing to contribute products and branding for use in the competition. We are open to various prize concepts, but especially interested in hardware/software/merchandise fit for the “gamer artist” lifestyle.

The direct return to sponsors includes:
– 2.4mil print impressions in China’s biggest gaming magazine.
– Millions more online impressions.
– Positive association of sponsor branding with China’s core computer game community.
– Opportunity for “headline” sponsorship.

Our deadline for sponsorship participation is December 1st, 2006.

This is a unique opportunity for targeted exposure to China’s massive gaming community.

If you’re interested you can post your contact info in the comments. Comments are moderated, so private messages don’t post to the public. Or email me directly: amcgee (at) tmiec (dot) com.

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