While dealing with the bureaucracy of starting a business in China I’ve also been trying to find a place to live in Shanghai. A straight-forward enough task – get an agent, view houses, etc. Some of the locations are at a distance from the new office, so I’ve been thinking of buying a gas scooter. On that topic I had this exchange with one of my agents:

Me: Thinking of buying a scooter.

Agent: Oh, scooters are cheap in Shanghai. But the license is very expensive.

Me: Eh?

Agent: But you can get parrot license. Very cheap.

Me: Parrot license?

Agent: Yes, parrot license. Very cheap. Very easy.

Me: “Parrot”? – Sits on the shoulder of a pirate? Says, “Caw! Caw!”?

Agent: Yah, “parrot”. Arrrg.

He gestures with his hand to make a hook.

Me: Ohhhhh… you mean PIRATE license… Yeah, I need a parrot license.

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  1. 🙂 … “Parrot License” ? I don’t think your Agent is talking about the pet bird of the pirate HOOK.

    They will offer you a license which printed the same number as other’s. We call that “Clone License”. That means different gas scooter shares the same license. It’s certainly cheap and easy to get, but illegal and not safe at all.

    For that reason, Why not turn to the electric bicycle American?

  2. That reminds me of another story, not sure if you have heard about it:

    “I’m sorry.”
    “I’m sorry, too.”
    “I’m…I’m sorry three.”
    “What are you sorry for?”
    “I’m sorry five.”

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