Happy Halloween!

Dear Insane Children, 

Woooo! Halloween! Our favorite night of the year!

Alex brings you a TREAT  – a further evolution of the Alice poster he’s working on. He says of this…

Happy Halloween guys! I just wanted to get this one into you tonight, another WIP, and you can see this poster has turned into a 2-in-1 style, with Alice and her Shadow getting equal billing on the poster.
A few things to note, the “Shadow” concept design is a new one that really just spilled out of my pen as I was sketching, and I was interested to see where she went.
It’s an amalgamation of Alice, Hysteria Alice, Rage Alice and the new Flame styled Alice for Asylum. I wanted something with claws, and I can see her flesh moving and twisting like broken lava and flowing embers. Chaos symbol on her forehead also. Something that all those broken psyches might look like rolled into one form.
I’ve not been able to revisit the face yet, and some proportions will need tweaking to bring the two more in line with one another, but just wanted to share the direction for where this one is heading.
I estimate I’ll have this one nailed in another one or two sittings.
Am liking the composition and movement in this one. 

What do you think? Is this one finding a place on your wall?

Halloween Livestream

In case you missed it, here’s a LINK TO the Halloween livestream.

Special guest Roger L. Jackson joined us to discuss his role as the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and other characters in the Alice series. We also had a look at updates to the White Rabbit Plush design art, the latest “Shadow Alice” image from Omri, and more. 

When you’re done trick-or-treat’ing, give it a watch! 

From myself, Martin, Lulu, and all of the Alice: Asylum team – we hope everyone is having a wicked night filled with costumes, tricks, and fun!

From Shanghai with Wooooo,

-American (and Lulu)

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