Chinese New Year Update

My flickr-wordpress plugin was dead for a few days, so I was having trouble adding new Grimm images to the site. This morning I sorted things out, and am back on track. Btw, if you’re getting “API expired, error code #100” when trying to use flickr-post, I suggest just upgrading to the latest “Flickr Photo Album” plug-in here: Tan Tan

Now back to our regularly scheduled concept image stream. First up is a magical flounder:


Next we have a cute pink bat. Awww… except then it transforms into a demonic vampire bat and chews your eyes out. Not cute.


Here in Shanghai everyone is prepping for Chinese New Year. Yesterday I bought $50 worth of fireworks at a corner shop. And I’m not talking kiddy “sparklers” and “snakes”. This is the real-deal, light up the city, wake up the district kinda stuff. Yay!

This will mark my 3rd CNY celebrated in Shanghai. I’m still struck by the irony of a “suppressed” Chinese population which is allowed full access to high explosives during times of national celebration – especially when compared to the “freedom” one has at similar times in the US. I’ll try to get some good footage of the madness this year.

Xin nian kuai le!

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