Grimm Episode 5 – “Girl Without Hands”

Grimm Episode 5 - No Hands

Next-Gen Grimm Visuals

Grimm episodes just keep coming. Welcome to Episode 5, “The Girl Without Hands”. Based on a twisted tale of fatherly betrayal, Satanic tom foolery, and a good amount of hand choppery (is that a word?), “No Hands” as we like to call it here at Spicy Horse, is a fun romp in the world of Grimm. This episode features some more challenging platform gaming – as requested – as well as some new game play twists based on environmental “challenges”. Check it out on GameTap!

While you’re over at GameTap, be sure to check out the Grimm Forum. We’re talking about the game, the episodes, and the things we like/dis-like about both. Good place to voice your thoughts on how to evolve upcoming episodes. Same is true of the forums on this site, which you can check out here.

All in all another great week for Grimm. The reviews continue to be positive. The discussions continue to be lively. And here in Shanghai we continue to evolve the game based on the feedback we’re receiving.

Next week, Episode 6, “Godfather Death”. This is a really cool episode you don’t want to miss. Check back here for the latest news, and check my YouTube channel for the trailer soon.

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