Terror Texts The Musical

I remember years ago hearing Marilyn Manson talk about creating a “dark bible”, one that focused on the more horrific elements of the bible: Children being eaten by bears, rape, murder, and “fool” flingers being doomed to an eternity in hell. Now I read that the students at Iowa College have gone and made real Manson’s idea… on stage! Check out Terror Texts The Musical. Btw, you know the end is near when Christian kids start acting out Marilyn Manson’s ideas. Repent!

3 responses to “Terror Texts The Musical”

  1. I’m just curious if you’re being serious with that last sentence or making a joke.

    It’s an interesting point you made however.

  2. Last sentence being “Repent!” or the bit about Christian kids and Manson. Either way – I’m not serious when referring to any sort of “biblical end”.

    But I would say our “end is near” when talking about the environment, pollution, and the state of the world in general.

    I spent too many years in Texas filtering through bible camp brain washings, Sunday school guilt trips, and other implements of ‘religion’ to subscribe to any “end of days” BS.

  3. I see. Well I understand your frustrations with such things. Regardless of that, I think you might find the different approach of Terror Texts intriguing…perhaps even a breath of fresh air from what you’ve experienced in the past…a breath of fresh air in a very strange, disgusting, yet honest and humble way.

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