Formula for Success

Someone recently forwarded me a study which illustrates so-called “consumer preferences” for game genres. Data was generated by asking consumers what existing genres they prefer to play – with expected results. What’s interesting to me is that many of the genre choices could only have appeared on the selection list in recent years: extreme sports, music games (aka Rock Band), and brain training – to name a few.

As such, this list can only really predict what consumers want based on what they already know. And if publishers only take bets on (fund) ideas that fit these existing categories, then innovation is automatically stifled. Still, if the list indicates what publishers consider to be safe bets, then one should be able to use it to generate an idea no publisher could pass on. Hence this idea, which combines elements of the “top 10” genre categories:

A snowboarding galaxy marine styled after Shelock Holmes does a triple reverse 720, inadvertently creating a space-time portal to a mysterious alter-universe of dragons and wizards. There he uncovers Sith Lords converting local peasants into zombie supermen – brain hungry kill-machines who, unlike their normal cousins, are impossible to destroy. With only his wits and his trusty Swiss Army sword-snowboard-chainsaw-machinegun standing between him and destruction of the entire universe, can Carver McSleigh save the day? Find out when you play “Meet Carver”.

I’m expecting a full-blown publisher feeding frenzy. If you’re interested in funding this please contact me directly.

3 responses to “Formula for Success”

  1. Haha, that’s awesome!

    A couple of artists by the names of Komar and Melamid did just that with paintings: they commissioned a survey to determine what people “wanted most” and then created paintings of the survey results. It’s hilarious. The US winner has George Washington, a deer, and a family taking a picnic.

  2. lol
    Meet Carver!

    i would totally play that game!
    just because it’s like a B rated movie.

    …and i L-O-V-E B rated movies…

  3. I can’t fund it, but I sure as shit would buy it. XD Dragons & zombies FTW!

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