Prelude to Adventure

I woke at 04:30 this morning and took a scooter ride through Shanghai to the Bund. Lulu came along with me, probably wondering why we were out so early. 

This was a special dawn, because it marks the end of one adventure and the start of another. This morning I announced the closure of Spicy Horse’s Shanghai studio, a development house I started over 10 years ago with RJ Berg and Adam Lang. While the business and legal entity known as Spicy Horse will continue to exist, the company’s days as one of the largest (and oldest) Western studios in China are over. 

What comes next is a new challenge. For years I’ve dreamt of combining my love of creating with my love of sailing. The course is set for Thailand, where my boat awaits. I intend to sail, tell stories, and invite others to share in the adventure. 

If you’re a game developer interested in joining the fun, check out Pirate Jam

And if you’re a follower of my work who’d like to support this new adventure, please consider becoming a Patron. 

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