Lanta Old Town – Vlog #18

Dear Patrons, 

Here’s the latest vlog from Thailand. In this video I travel with Yan from Krabi to Phi Phi to Lanta Old Town. We sail along with Liz and Jamie from @followtheboat and enjoy some fun adventures together. 

As is announced in the video, I will be out sailing until mid-January, 2017. During that time I hope to bring you lots more vlog content on a regular basis. 

Someone asked if I was planning to develop any games along the way… problem is, I left my PC (development) laptop back in Shanghai, since I was only planning for this to be a 2-week sailing trip. My MacBook Air (which I’m using now, and on which I edit videos) is 5 years old and doesn’t have the capacity to do meaningful development work plus video editing. So… a bit crippled at the moment, but hoping to order a new MacBook Pro at end of October, which would put me back in a position to both edit videos and work on some small game projects. 

Someone else asked about further promoting my Patreon channel. Until I am releasing more regular content I’m going to keep the existence of this channel pretty quiet. I figure it’ll make more sense when/if I decide to move to the boat full-time, and can commit to more regular content updates. I only plan to charge for video posts when I think the video is fun/interesting enough to warrant such.

In the meantime, I appreciate the support from those of you who are supporting me. I like to think of you as my little inner circle, so feel free to send comments and feedback – knowing that I’ll read and reply to everything. 

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