Tier Chaos

Dear Patrons, 

I want to get your feedback on something… Since starting to focus on Patreon I’ve been humbled by the support you’ve provided to our work on Alice: Asylum. THANK YOU. You are awesome!

But… I feel like I’ve not properly managed the tiers and how they reward you as Patrons. Especially at the higher levels ($50 and $100)… these tiers are a bit confusing/redundant or nonsensical. 

I’d like to make some adjustments, but need your feedback before I do that. Here’s what I am thinking…

1) Merge the $100 and $50 tiers into a $75 per month tier with the following rewards: a) a Chaos necklace ($100 value) and b) a monthly art print ($100 value per month). That means you’ll get one necklace and art print after your first month and a new art print each subsequent month for one price of $75 per month. What do you think?

2) Look at the $2-$15 tiers and let me know if you think these are structured correctly or could use adjustment. From what I can see right now they look OK… progressing from “access” to “video credits” to “in-game credits” to “access” when we have development builds… Makes sense to me but I want to make sure we’re doing this right. Thoughts? 

For the $100/$50 adjustment… to be clear, everyone who supported at these levels previously will still get a Chaos Necklace for their first month. Necklaces are in production at the factory now (picture of production sample above. We expect to take delivery of those in January). And going forward, for everyone in the $75 tier we’ll send out art… 

Anyone see any issues with this adjustment? Ideas for how better to do this? I don’t want to make a big move without your feedback! 

I look forward to your thoughts and comments. 



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