Live Stream + Chaos Coins

Dear Insane Children, 

Martin and American (that’s me) have set a time for this week’s live stream. You can set a reminder via YouTube – or set your alarms for 09:00 Friday Morning, Hong Kong time (5PM on Thursday, PST). We’ll discuss Pirate Jam, Asylum, Out of the Woods – and we’ll continue our play through of “American McGee’s Alice.” 

If you have questions or comments on recent Asylum development please be sure to get those into Patreon prior to the stream so that we can address those during the stream. Yay!

Here’s something to consider and discuss during the stream… 

For Pirate Jam we created some pirate doubloons which measured 4.5cm across and featured the Pirate Jam pixel skull. They came out really hefty and impressive!

So… the idea is to produce coins like these which feature the Cheshire Cat face on one side and the Chaos symbol on the other side along with the latin motto “Solve et Coagula” (dissolve to re-form). These “Chaos Coins” would be offered to you as Patrons and to future crowd-funding backers (at a higher price than is available here) – and would eventually make their way into Alice: Asylum as an in-game collectible/currency. 

We can attach a name/number to each of the in-game coins so that, when collected, you can inspect them and see to whom that coin belongs. That’s an interesting way of getting your name in-game! Plus, you’ll have in hand a physical coin which will last forever. 

I’d like to offer these coins as the next reward here on Patreon. Perhaps at the 2500 Patron level for all Patrons at $35 and above (when we cross the goal)? When thinking about cost, please keep in mind that the cost of the coins to manufacture is ~$10USD and shipping ~$10USD each. 

That’s a back-of-envelope sketch of the idea… please feel free to poke holes in it in the comments below. We’ll discuss your feedback during this week’s live stream. 

From Shanghai, 


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