Maps of Meaning (and Chaos)

Dear Insane Children, 

Here in China we’re entering proper spring and it’s absolutely beautiful! We just had a few days off as a result of a national holiday – Labor Day – which is associated with the start of spring and is also a celebration of workers. Hence getting a few days off! 

As a result we don’t have a ton to update you on but I’ll do a quick rundown on what little there is…

First up, Joey sends along a concept image for the layout of Wonderland per the previously discussed ‘solar system’ or ‘atomic orbit’ model. In connection with this I am also working on an 8-part narrative outline which includes 8 scenes per act. Lots of numerology and alchemy subtext being layered into this 🙂 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the image and the layout concept. 

As we’re at the start of a new month a couple of housekeeping bits for rewards…

3×35 backers – art print process update – we’re working with to test a new system whereby we can connect Backerkit to Patreon in order to help with management of pledges and rewards. For those of you in the 3×35 tier, please be patient just a little while longer – once the connection between the platforms is sorted you’ll receive notice and be guided through a process where you can select your art print, provide shipping details, etc. Yay! 

Those of you waiting on Embroidered Patches – the samples got made and art for the packaging is done – just waiting on full-scale production to start. That was delayed by Yan traveling and then Labor Day. We should start to see movement on that this week and early next week. Will keep everyone updated here. 

Martin and I rearranged the live stream studio. I felt it was time we showed something more than just a boring black background where Martin and I normally sit. 

We’re hosting another live stream tomorrow morning (9AM Hong Kong Time, Friday – 6PM PST, Thursday). So SET A REMINDER over on YouTube. While you’re there, make sure you are subscribed to the channel and that you’ve ticked the “bell icon” so you’ll be notified whenever we go live. 

We’ll answer your questions and comments from Patreon – so if you have any… be sure to leave them below!

From Shanghai with Love, 


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