Tis But a Scratch

Dear Insane Children, 

I seek the finest and the bravest knights in the land to join me in my Court of Camelot! You have proved yourself worthy… but none (or at least not all) shall pass. It’s the same story every month. We add, on average, around 400 new Patrons per month but then lose around 200 at the start of each new month – a net gain of around +200 per month. For those of you who’ve been around for a while the pattern is familiar… 

As it pertains to our work and progress on Asylum this means nothing – tis but a scratch! But for those of you interested in reaching our next Patreon Goal – the Chaos Coin – it may feel a bit frustrating. The good news is that if the previous trend holds we should unlock that goal this month, August 2018. 

Several of you have written to ask, “What’s going on?” And I think the answer is highly variable. Some people actually write to say, “I need to drop support this month for XYZ reason,” while others just vanish silently. I think there are many who have other pressures and obligations to deal with. And there are probably a few who have figured out how to game the system in order to consume content for the month, then cancel before they are charged. 

Patreon recently implemented a “Charge on Pledge” option which, like it says, charges a Patron the moment they pledge as opposed to waiting for the end of the monthly cycle. I don’t think we see the issue as being large enough to warrant enabling this feature. Despite the ups and downs we’re happy, healthy, and making incredible progress towards our shared goals.

I do want to make clear that we absolutely COULD NOT do what we’re doing by way of art, design, and story pre-production if it were not for YOUR support. For that, I’l say again (again): THANK YOU! 

You are the dedicated few who are acting in a meaningful way to help bring to life a new chapter in an adventure you love. You’re taking part in a (seemingly successful) experiment in crowd designing, funding, and promoting a full-blown game development. 

I think you’ll look back in some years, holding the physical output of your commitment in your hands, and think, “I made this real.” 

Omri sends along a dress fitting with our ongoing progress – the Confidence / Aggression Dress (pictured above). We discuss this and other new bits of art at length in yesterday’s Livestream on YouTube. The other dress we featured was the new Bargaining Dress… 

We had a ton of fun on the livestream and I really enjoyed reviewing these new dresses with everyone. Lots of great feedback and ideas flowing from you all! 

Omri, Joey, and Alex are all working on new art and rounds of revisions based on your comments and we should expect to see lots of great new images next week. I also expect we’ll have bits of news to update on talks with EA, financiers, publishers, and others. 

I look forward to your comments and feedback. Remember if you do have a specific question you want addressed during the next livestream, mark it clearly with “QUESTION: ” – that will help Martin sort through and find things more quickly. Thanks! 

From Shanghai in another Typhoon,


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