How to Contact Us (again)

Dear Insane Children, 

Just a quick reminder, especially important as 2000+ of you scramble to figure out Chaos Coin Stuff, that there’s exactly ONE place you want to send us messages regarding your Patreon rewards, account, and other important issues: The Messages Interface on Patreon! 

Via web it looks like that “pencil writing on paper” icon (above).

On mobile it’s a button labeled, you guessed it, “MESSAGES” 

Pressing either of those buttons will take you to the Message Panel. If you’re viewing via web you’ll see a “Send Message” button at the top of the page. On mobile you’ll see an orange circle with a “+” inside of it. In either case, press the thing, enter my name (hint, it’s “American McGee), and send a message. Yay!

Going this route, and using the Patreon account under which your issue exists, will greatly reduce friction in getting your issue dealt with and guarantees we’ll actually see your message… unlike posting it to a month-old image on Instagram, PM’ing it to American on Discord, or SMS’ing it to Font Lord  from your Nokia 5120 which still miraculously works for some reason (the phone, not the method of contacting us). 

While your creativity in finding ways around the path of least resistance is impressive we don’t want stuff to get overlooked or lost. 

Thank You!

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