Ruff and Tumble

Dear Insane Children, 

Has everyone got their Halloween costumes ready!? What are you going as this year? I’ve just purchased the elements required for mine and will join Font Lord during the next livestream where mine and his will be revealed. Any guesses at what we’ll be? 

Next week’s stream is on October 31st @ 6PM PST and we’ll have Roger Jackson (voice of the Cheshire Cat, Mojo-Jojo, and Scream’s Ghostface – to name a few) joining us!

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder over on YouTube. While there, make sure you’re subscribed and that you also click Like on a few of my videos – apparently that helps the YouTube algorithm collect more clicks for the click farm. Click, click, click.

During the Livestream yesterday we did an Artist Interview with Chris Vrenna. He talked with us about his experience working with Nine Inch Nails, Manson, making music for Alice, and life these days as a college professor. 

If you missed it, hit THIS LINK and give it a watch right now! 

We also reviewed new art from Joey such as the card guard image posted above. One of the ideas we discussed in relation to that picture is having the faces of the guards represent Alice’s subconscious fear of adult men. I was thinking it would be really interesting to model the faces of a collection of the “actual” men (villains) in Alice’s life and then have those placed under the fabric of the Card Guard masks. They might swap around, shout variations of snippets of dialog Alice overheard from those men, etc. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Joey also sent along the “Dog Knight” who looks suspiciously similar to Lulu! Awww… Lulu would never assist a nightmare doll in attacking Alice. She’d chew that doll’s head right off! 

Joey’s also done a rendering of the “Jumping Fish” – pretty sure we had a different name for these guys in the games… but it’s escaping me at the moment. Anyone remember? 

We had a look at Alex’s WIP piece for the Alice poster in the “red” series. Be sure to check out the stream so you can see all 4 stages he presented. This image is going to be fantastic – and we will, of course, add it to the series we’re releasing here on Patreon. 

A few additional revisions by Joey here – suggesting that the “rat pin cushion” doesn’t have to be an actual, live rat… but perhaps some sort of rat doll. Being an actual (year of the) Rat myself, I guess I just don’t like seeing the poor guys abused. Eek! 


Lastly, there were a TON of comments on the White Rabbit Plush prototype. The general consensus being “that’s wrong.” And your feedback is heard loud and clear. I do hope everyone will please keep in mind that this is a constructive crowd design process – very rarely do original creative endeavors move forward without a few missteps. We’ve learned a ton already in this process. And there are two new factories working on prototypes with instructions guided by your feedback. We should see new prototypes in about 2 weeks.  

Oh! Rabbits! Forgot to mention in the last few posts, those Little White Rabbit Dolls are going out for free with each and every order over at Mysterious… 

So if you were looking to get your hands on one of these little guys, head over and grab something from the shop. You can do that via THIS LINK.

We’ll throw these in with all orders while supplies last – and I ordered ~1000 of them… so that should be for a little while? Don’t be late! 

From Shanghai with Ruff, Rabbits, and Rats, 


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