The Rabbit Plush Dress

Dear Insane Children, 

I woke this morning to find a gift from Omri waiting in my inbox!

Behold The Plush Dress!

This is his design proposal for the DLC Dress we’d give to Plush Rabbit owners in Alice: Asylum. 

What do you think?

A couple of things to discuss: 

First, I like this dress. But what I had in mind was a “onesie” sorta like this…

There are a few reasons I think this might be the way to go… For one, it’s a costume literally anyone can pull off – girls and boys. It’s something I can easily mass produce and offer for sale at Mysterious. It can double as real-world pajamas – a practical use! 

But those are the real-world rationales… 

In-game, I think the onesie idea fits better with my image of young Alice sometimes wanting to hide, blend in, or call less attention to herself. In a broken Wonderland, who is going to notice a bedraggled looking little rabbit scurrying around in the shadows? The  Plush Dress (onesie) might be Alice’s ultimate stealth outfit… She doesn’t just seek comfort from her plush bunny… but is comforted by becoming her plush bunny. 

Then again, we could have both. The dress as seen above – and with a button-press that dress transforms into the onesie. 


Second thing to consider is accessibility of this DLC to those who don’t own the physical Rabbit Plush. Is it a bad thing to say, “In order to acquire this Rabbit Plush in-game you must first acquire the physical Rabbit Plush in the real world?” Is that very different from a DLC dress which you pay to download? 

I am not on one side or the other of this topic. In fact, I think the whole topic is a bit of a minefield. Which is why I’m asking that we discuss it now and then decide the best way to present this. 

What are you ideas on how we might link the White Rabbit Plush doll with the in-game dress? 

I look forward to your suggestions and ideas in the comments below!

Crowd Design Reminder

A quick reminder that we are hosting Design Discussion #3 over on Discord in about an hour. That’s 10AM Hong Kong Time (1/15/19) or 9PM EST in the US (1/14/19). 

We’ll be discussing the community suggestions from the Design Wiki

Want more info about Discord? Hit THIS LINK

Rabbit Plush Goal 

Oh, and as of this post we only need to get 600 more Insane Children into the Asylum to unlock the Rabbit Plush Goal! I’m doing all sorts of marketing and social media posts to raise awareness. You can help!

Help us hit the goal faster by sharing the Rabbit Plush Dress on your social media accounts and using this link: 

From Shanghai in a Onesie,


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