Rabbits on the High Seas

Dear Insane Children, 

LOTS of people sharing comments on my Instagram, on our various Facebook pages, in the Community Section here on Patreon, and in all the most random places one can imagine saying essentially the same thing: 

“My rabbit tracking hasn’t updated since March 5th. What’s going on?!?!?!

Captain American here to provide the answer: Rabbits on the High Seas!

That’s right! Your rabbit takes a ride on a cargo ship on its way to most locations around the world. And while it’s on that ship in the middle of the ocean the tracking will not update.

The post service we use is called “EUB” and is provided as a function of China Post here in China – which then “converts” to your local postal service upon arrival in your country. There’s more info on this topic HERE

Our shipping partner says that shipping from China to the US takes 8~22 working days. We usually see things delivered in ~2 weeks. But deliveries can AND DO take longer. Especially if you’re in a remote part of the world or if there’s bad weather along the way. 

So, please, be patient. Your tracking will update once your rabbit arrives on the shores of your country.

Tracking links were sent to Patrons via email from BackerKit. You can head over there to grab your tracking link if you are unable to find the email. 

Extra Eyes

Another comment I’m seeing more and more is: 

“There’s an extra eye button in my bag. My rabbit is defective! Compensation!!!”

No, your rabbit is not defective. The buttons are two different colors: black and brown.

The extra one is provided in case you’d like to change your rabbit’s eye color. This was decided on during our Crowd Design sessions when we were developing the rabbit. This is not a defect. 


Between myself and Martin it’s not easy staying on top of all the messages, comments, Community Posts, tweets… Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, YouTube, etc. Arg, matey!

Posting a customer support issue on a 6-month old Instagram post is not, I know it’s hard to believe this, the best way to get your issue resolved. 

If you have a question related to a Patreon reward, payment, etc: 

PM US <—- Click that link and learn how to send a Private Message.


Really, I do. And I appreciate the community effort many of you have put into helping to answer questions and guide people towards help across all the insane places they post their questions and issues. 

So… let’s all work together to get the word out: Rabbits on the High Seas! And extra eyes are not defects. And … PM US! YAY! 

Oh, you can also always email myself and Martin here:

I really appreciate any effort you can put towards trying to keep all the customer service stuff in one location. Thank you! 🙂 

Great Firewall Update

Seems our VPN situation is stabilizing. If things still look good tomorrow then I’ll post a link for this week’s livestream. Look forward to seeing you all there. 

From Shanghai with Rabbit Eyes, 


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