’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves…

Dear Insane Children, 

Heeee’s Baaaack! Joey sends along a render of The Jabberwock with changes made to reflect the narrative in Alice: Asylum. The idea is that we show him in a more “natural” state – prior to being mechanized. 

 The 6 Million Dollar Jabberwock! 

I suggested to Joey that we might want to see a stage prior to this in which he’s badly damaged and in need of repair. One idea floating around in my head is that the Jabberwock is the secret weapon the Queen of Hearts of forcing The Mad Hatter to repair. Alice could be sent out to collect bits and pieces necessary for this resuscitation. 

Omri also shares a new poster image he’s working on. This is a scene from within the Chess Kingdom. Omri says,

Alice and shadow Alice will be featured in the frame as you can see.. not sure on What they will do, i liked the idea of the concept of Sacrifice.perhaps they will try to merge or stop the war.

Quite a bit of artwork in the pipeline at the moment. Can’t wait to share all of that soon!

Crowd Design – Episode 6

Yesterday we hosted another Crowd Design sessions over on Discord. 

Did you miss it? Hit THIS LINK and have a listen!

We’re discussing a pretty important topic – the management of Alice’s dress wardrobe. As with all important topics we’re seeing a 50/50 split between the two primary options. Tough one! 

(NOTE: That link won’t work until the upload completes! Upload is going VERY SLOW due to Internet problems in China. If you click and it doesn’t work, wait an hour and try again. Thanks!) 

Livestreaming Over The Great Firewall

Well, I honestly don’t know how well this is going to work… But we’ll give it a shot!

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder for tomorrow’s YouTube Livestream.

And brace yourself for VPN sadness. Stuttering, LAG, and all that fun stuff. 

I look forward to seeing you all there! We have a TON of your SUGGESTIONS and QUESTIONS to get through. Yay! 

Additional Rabbit FAQs

Now that we’ve explained shipping things from China and why there’s an extra eye-button with every rabbit we have a NEW QUESTION being shouted from the mountaintops: 

“Where’s my G.D. DLC Code for Early Access to the in-game dress!?!!?!”

Well, let’s think about that… Since we’ve not yet made the game we can surmise that we’ve not yet made the DLC dress and that would logically lead to safely assuming that we’ve not yet made a DLC Code for accessing the dress. 

Right? Right!

So… when we have a game, a dress, and a DLC Early Access system in place…

We’ll email the code to you using the address you provided here on Patreon or over on Mysterious. Either way, you can expect the code, sent by email, in about 2+ years time. This was actually mentioned in the BackerKit survey email 😉 And it’s on the Mysterious product page. Anyway… 

Start your clocks!

(Note to Font Lord: Expect a flood of “Where’s my code?!” emails roughly 17,520 hours from now). 

Progress and Coming Days

We’re nearly finished with the PPT we plan to put in front of potential financiers and publishers. I hope we might get that sent out this week or early next week. 

On Sunday I fly to Thailand to start prep work leading up to the start day of Pirate Jam 2019. Myself and Yan will be there working on the event from 25th of March until 10th of April. The core event dates are 29th to 8th. 

You can follow along on our adventures via my Facebook and Instagram accounts. We’ve also set up an itch.io page for any of you interested in submitting game content to the jam. 

From Shanghai with Lurg,


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