Patron Reward – Rutledge Asylum – Patient Tag

Dear Insane Children, 

Let’s celebrate our insanity!

We’ve got an Exclusive Special Reward for May. To celebrate 3000+ Inmates in the Asylum we’re producing individually numbered Rutledge Asylum Patient Tags and mailing them to Patrons around the world! 

Are you Certified Insane? Now you’ll have the tag to prove it!

Every new and existing Patron at $15 (and above) for the month of May 2019 will receive a Rutledge Asylum Patient Tag – mailed anywhere in the world, with tracking, and shipping is included for FREE. 

How does this work?

If you’re an existing Patron at $15 or above – do nothing! You’ll get this tag automatically. 

If you’re an existing Patron at less than $15 – bump up your pledge for May! 

And if you’re not a Patron – WHY NOT?! Join the Insane Children and Get Certified!

This offer is only good for THIS MONTH (May of 2019). Once it’s over, it’s OVER. And the only way you’ll ever get one of these tags is here, now, on Patreon, THIS MONTH. So… 

Don’t be late! Don’t miss out! 

Tags are stainless steel. There is one (1) tag per set which also includes a chain necklace. They will be individually numbered from #0000 to #3500 (end number based on the number of eligible Insane Children). 

From the Asylum,


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