Cheshire Kitten – Video Explainer

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord and Stick Boy back with another FAQ video – this one covers all the details related to the Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set

The $50 Tier for this Set has been Activated. So… if you want the set, select that Tier! 

Remember if you’re at the $75 Tier, you don’t need to do anything. You already qualify and you’ll still get your regular monthly art print. 

And if you’ve never been at $75 before… this is an excellent time to do it. A First Month at $75 during the month of August, 2019 would net you the Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set + Chaos Necklace + Art Print. That’s a pretty insane deal! 

This is the art print for August – the one which will ship to everyone at $75 – or can be selected by people who’ve done the 3-for-1 Art Tier.

And, and, YES, the $50 Tier WILL COUNT towards the $35 3-for-1 Art for those of you who are collecting towards that goal. The $75 Tier DOES NOT count towards the $35 Tier 3-for-1 Art. There you go! 

So… break out the popcorn. Watch the video. Laugh at Martin’s lumberjack shirt.

From Shanghai with Kittens, 


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