Mysterious Makeup – Crowd Design Livestream

Dear Insane Children, 

As many of you know my wife and I are expecting an “Insane Child” to arrive in our house very soon! Yan’s due date is September 2nd and she says that day can’t come soon enough… 

In the meantime, she’s at home on maternity leave and spending her time working on a variety of products for Mysterious. She’s spent her entire career working in the fashion industry and has a lot of love for product design, manufacturing, and other elements related to many of the products we make and sell. 

One of her passions is makeup – yours too, right?! – and she’s working on a Line of makeup inspired by Alice and the concept artwork we’re producing for Asylum. 

She’d like to present her ideas to the world and collect feedback. 

So we’re hosting a Livestream on YouTube this Friday at 10AM (Hong Kong Time). That’s Thursday night at 7PM for those of you in the USA on PST. 

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder and join the discussion!

This event will be 100% focused on Yan’s work related to this makeup line concept. If this sort of thing interests you then please join us. Bring your questions, suggestions, and feedback. 

And feel free to leave pre-event questions and suggestions in the comments below.

A couple of important points to establish right away: 

Yes, these products are Cruelty Free, Vegan, and the ingredients (such as mica) are Ethically Sourced. The factory we’re talking to provides audited statements of proof on these points. Were we unable to assure these things we wouldn’t get into this business to start with! 

We look forward to seeing you during the stream!

From Shanghai with Blush,

-American & Yan

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