Step Into My Tent(actles)

Dear Insane Children, 

Did you know? Tentacles make everything better. Just take the latest concept image from Jen as example. It’s a tent. Made of tentacles. And within? You’ll find Priscilla gazing into her crystal ball and reading tarot cards. 

We discussed this and more during yesterday’s Live Stream over on YouTube. Did you miss it? That might have been because I didn’t announce it. Or maybe I set the time/date wrong on the reminder? Or both? Who knows? 

Click THIS LINK if you want to catch up on all the madness. 

One eyedskull watched it and had this to say, “In this episode we talk of tea, howls burning castle, flying enemies, anger, insane children on drugs, Martin not being good at improve, and how YouTube reminders are broken.”


And I’ve uploaded another of our quick FAQ videos. This one deals with a question I’ve been asked so many times that if I had a nickle for each time I’d have 1,000,765 nickles. Which is only about $50kUSD. Damnit, I should have said “a dollar for” instead. 

Anyway, hit THIS LINK if you’d like to hear the story. 

It involves cars, music, crystal meth(od), and tripping.

Heads Up on Paternity Leave

As many are aware, my wife is expecting (a baby). We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl – Thanks, Obamao. But we do know it’s set to arrive around September 2nd. I guess we’ll find out then! 

Yan has a checkup on Monday (26th) which will likely result in an appointment for a C-section since the baby is probably already too big for a natural birth. Yan and I both have enormous heads… go figure! 

So! There’s a very good chance I’m going to semi-vanish a bit for the next ~2 weeks. No Live Streams and a lighter update schedule here on Patreon. 

But our team (Omri, Joey, Jen, Alex, Norm, Martin, Alexandr, Mods, etc) will continue cranking out artwork and taking care of other efforts. 

Got a question or support issue? PM US! Hit THIS LINK to learn how to do that. 

Or just email us:

I appreciate your patience, understanding, and support during this brief hiatus. 

And when I am back I hope we’ll have some meaningful updates on the Business Development front. Things have been Super Quiet(tm) of late since it seems 99% of the world (at least the part we’re dealing with) is on vacation. 

From Shanghai with Tentacles, 


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