Crowd Design the Christmas Poster

Dear Insane Children, 

We’re back home safe and sound. Baby and mom are happy and healthy. Thank you, everyone for your kind wishes and love. 

Taking a quick break from cleaning the house and  learning how to “dad” to bring you a quick update. Thought you might enjoy a bit of Crowd Design while I am away. 

Crowd Design: Christmas Poster

Our art team continues work on various aspects of Asylum. Omri sent over the Christmas Poster concept image (posted above). I’ve sent him the following feedback: 

Looks great to me. A couple of things… 

First, the font is off, but you probably know that. That looks very 50’s.
Second, it needs more alchemy or strange symbols. 
December is Sagittarius is Saturn (Dec 13th is my birthday, btw, maybe a “13” in there for that?) 

Check out Father Christmas:
And let’s think about the Winter Solstice:

Winter Solstice is the origin of the Christmas celebration date. Maybe include some indication in the image of the astrological alignment of the solstice? 

In terms of story and psychology… you could imagine the solstice as being Alice’s furthest point from sanity (happiness, warmth, etc). 
So it might make sense to put a subtle hint to her in a straight jacket or otherwise hint at the Asylum and its trappings? 

I’ll let you take it from here.

And from there… I’ll let YOU join in the conversation and send him some design feedback. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Remember to keep it positive and constructive!

Omri will check out your ideas and work them into the final image wherever it makes sense. Woo!

From Shanghai with Love, 


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