Pumpkin Carving in the Asylum

Dear Insane Children, 

In this Halloween month of tricking and treating we have a special treat just for you… 

Pumpkin Carving Templates!

These were inspired by the Cheshire Cat pumpkin in Omri’s “Hallowed Alice” illustration. 

And our Insane Children INSISTED INSANELY during a recent live stream that this Become. A. Thing.

So – Insist and You Shall Receive! 

Cheshire Cat

Angry Alice

The Mad Hatter

The White Rabbit


Please be sure to carve responsibly. Return your knives to (NOT IN) the Orderlies when finished. 

If you want to share your creations with everyone be sure to tag with #insaneolantern – we’ll pull some examples and share them on the livestream! Look forward to your creative efforts 🙂 

From Shanghai with WoowooooowoOOooo,


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