Knave of Hearts and Pumpkin Farts

Dear Insane Children, 

Omri sends along early concept sketches for a “Knave of Hearts” character we might find (and fight) in the Queen of Hearts domain. Of this idea he says, 

 Knave of hearts in the original Alice in wonderland story stole the tarts and Alice was blamed for doing it.

i think he can be a cool mini-boss. in hebrew he is called “the prince” i actually have no clue what is a “Knave” besides being a dishonest character.

i imagine him like the School’s bully, the principal’s son, in other words, the Queen’s son. “she told me to stop you” kind of character.

we just explored this concept so these are super early development ideas. can you please post them on Patreon and tell me your opinion?

i like him as a huge dumb character, he feels like the third sibling of the Tweedles.

Works for me! What do YOU think? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

And one of Jennifer’s friends tried out the carving templates on an actual pumpkin. The result is pretty impressive! 

You can grab the templates from THIS POST.

If you carve your own, let us know! Share it on social media with #americanmcgee or email it to us at support (at) mysterious (dot) design

From In-Transit with Love, 


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