Update from Shanghai

Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here. How you all doing?

Just a quick message to let you all know that although the Coronavirus is messing some things up, such as keeping American trapped in Thailand and also having the shipping/warehouse companies over here shut down, that everything else is proceeding as normal from my end.

So this means that even though shipping of prints and other physical items has slowed/stopped for now, all your data from Patreon is still being collected and readied in the relevant excel sheets and online databases for when shipping can resume.
This is for both Patreon and Mysterious.
In a nutshell, if you bought something or are expecting something, it hasn’t been forgotten about and it WILL come eventually   🙂

In other news, progress is still moving along with the new Backerkit Feature we’re working on which means that for future Patreon goals, you won’t have to mess around with changing your tiers to get what you’re wanting and indeed EVERYONE who’s a patron in the relevant month is eligible for the goals if they make up the difference on Backerkit.  Woot !!
Hopefully this new way of doing things will be less confusing for everyone when we write our “how to get this goal” instruction posts.

And speaking of goals.
You all probably know that we’re doing the Enamel Pins next.
We hope that this will be VERY soon.
But hey, in the meantime, have some Enamel Pin pics of the final product, and yes, they’ll also come with 5x locking back clasps, and they’re all about 2.5cms on their long side.

VERY cool    🙂

Ok, let’s all stay safe out there and avoid the lurg !

– Cheers

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