Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here with some facts and info for you about the new Enamel Pin Goal this month.

All Patrons at $35 or more for the month of March 2020 (meaning you’re charged in April), will receive the Enamel Pin Set mailed anywhere in the world (free shipping) and with tracking.

The Enamel Pin Set contains the following items: 

* 4 Standard Pins
* 1 Patreon Collector Pin (will not be for sale at any point in the future)
* A bag of 5 locking clasps
* Free Shipping everywhere in the World


Very simple

If you ARE a Patron already, you fall into one of two categories.

1) You’re already at $35 or above.
Well, that’s fine. You don’t have to do anything. You’ll get an email about getting the pins after being charged in April. Wheee!

2) You’re currently pledging between $1 and $34.
You also don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to mess around with changing your tier.
We are introducing a new system where you can simply make up the difference by paying on Backerkit in April.
So, for example, if you’re at the $10 tier on Patreon, you can then pay $25 on Backerkit and you’ll get the pins.
Simply follow the instructions you’ll get in an email in April on how to do this.
(Although to be clear, if you do this method, you will NOT get the benefits of being at a higher Patreon tier, you will still be classed as being at a low tier, NOT the $35 level.)

If you’re NOT a Patron yet, the easiest thing for you to do is join our Patreon before the end of March 2020 at the $35 level or higher.
Not only will you get the pin set, but you’ll also get the benefits of being at the tier you choose for this month, such as the incredible art print this month at the $75 tier.  
Then when you’re charged in April, you’ll receive email instructions on how to get the pins. Once you’re charged, you can then choose to stay with us or leave, or even adjust your pledge level.  
Just MAKE SURE YOU’VE BEEN CHARGED by checking your profile before altering/canceling your pledge.

By the way, what is this month’s print?

It’s this one right here…
“UnHappiness” by Omri Koresh.
Simply amazing, and a fantastic reason to bump up and be at the $75 tier this month to get the Enamel Pin Set AND this signed print. Has there ever been a better deal? No, no there hasn’t !!


Why Become A Patron? 

As a Patron, you’ll gain Early Access to Patron-only posts, artwork, design discussions, and more. At $5 a month you can also access our super-secret Discord Server where the Insane Children gather to discuss all the insane things!  That’s also where we host our weekly Crowd Design Sessions! 

And your support powers our team of artists, designers, and writers who are busy creating the Design Bible for Alice: Asylum. We are 100% Fan Funded!

Join the Asylum! You’re mad if you don’t. But you’re insane if you do! 


Questions? Send a Private Message!

If you have a question or concern, Please PM US! That’s the BEST WAY to get your question answered quickly!

We can’t promise to see and answer every comment you leave on this post. 

Here’s how to PM us on the Patreon Mobile App

And on the Web Version of Patreon, just hit the “… More” Button and click on Message.  


The Fine Print

This offer is only available for the month of March 2020. After that, you will still be able to purchase the Enamel Pin Set at the Mysterious Shop for an increased price and without the Patreon Collector Pin.

Patreon Pledge Charges are like a utility bill. You pay for this month’s Rewards or Perks next month. For example, a January Reward or Perk is paid for on February 5th. If you pledge this month, it counts for this month, but you’re not charged until next month on the 5th.

Cancel or adjust your pledge at any time after the Reward Pledge is paid. No further fees or obligations! But you must manually cancel or adjust your pledge.

You are responsible for VAT, import duties, and/or additional delivery fees imposed by your local government or postal service. 

Enamel Pin Sets are already manufactured and ready for shipping which we will do mid to late April. After that, delivery takes 15~35 Business Days to most places around the world.

During the manufacture process of Enamel Pins, there can be slight imperfections in the product. We also have no control over the backing card for the pins being bent in delivery.
These small issues are not covered by our return or refund policy. Have a
major issue? Send us pictures and we’ll sort out a replacement or refund. 

Our full Terms and Conditions (returns, refunds, etc) can be found HERE.

THANK YOU, for all your love and support! It’s fans like you that make all this possible. 

From Shanghai with Love

– Cheers 

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