Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here with a reminder of what’s going to happen now that April has rolled around in regards to the Enamel Pin Goal you’ve all been so excited about.

Firstly, you may all know from THIS POST that your tier no longer matters, so there’s no need to write in, all in a tizzy and panicking that you might have missed out on the pins.
All Patrons charged in April will be emailed about the pins, it’s just that those who pledged under $35 will have to make up the difference over on Backerkit.

So, talking about Backerkit, on April 7th, we will be doing a ‘smoke test’ which is basically a test to make sure the new system is working with a small sample of Patrons. And once that’s confirmed to be ok, we will then do a mass email to everyone else on the 10th.
So please keep an eye on your inboxes during that time and be sure to look in your spam or promotions folders. (You can even do a text search for Backerkit)

Then in Backerkit, you basically add your address and/or add payment details and you’re done.
We’ll send the pins out with tracking in the coming weeks. But of course, please expect some nonsense COVID19 shipping delays   🙁

There’s also an exit shop on Backerkit too where we added a few items from Mysterious at bargainful Patron prices if you’re interested in that  🙂
(Including extra Pin sets)

Also, just a quick quickie about the next print (for those Patrons charged in May), we will be doing the latest Omri sensation FALLING APART !!
Nice !!!

So there you have it.

Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe and socially distant if possible.

– Cheers

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