The Lucky 5 (April)

Dear Insane Children

Here’s this month’s “Lucky 5” give-away.
I bet you thought we’d forgotten?

Well, actually, the delay was because we needed to expand the scope slightly and open this up to the ‘fanbase as a whole’ to stay in line with Patreon’s guidelines on giveaways.

So, now you can also enter our monthly prize giving goodness by commenting on future YouTube uploads when we say it’s a give-away month in the video.

So…. down to business for April, who are the lucky 5 who will be winning a PIRATE JAM DOUBLOON?

  • Ben Evans
  • Anthony Adkins
  • Conner Ellis
  • Ashley Kivari
  • Sungwon Han

Great big congratulations to our winners, and you will all be getting your doubloon in the mail in the not too distant future.
Expect a little bit of a COVID19 based delay tho.

In other news, you might also have noticed the pic at the top of this post.
This is our Print Calendar for the year.
Showing you what prints are for what months for those of you at the $75 tier or the 3x$35 tier.

Lots of great stuff coming up and also a few mystery squares for future prints.
Next up for April Patrons (charged in May) is the amazing ‘Falling Apart’.

And to round things off, of course there’s a picture of Lulu

Ok, let’s all stay safe out there !

– Cheers

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