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Dear Insane Children, 

I just received a test print of the calendar sample. This allows us to judge the quality of the paper and printing – both of which are great. Thick, high-quality paper – and solid colors and contrast in the printing. 

Dimensions and other info are on the way to Alex. And he has the list our Insane Children generated of the most popular Art Prints from Alice: Asylum. He’ll design pages and set those illustrations among the months, weeks, and days. Pretty soon we’ll have ourselves an Insane 2021 Calendar

Though… given how 2020’s gone so far… can it really get MORE insane? 

While We’re Printing Things

I discussed an idea with Alex this morning… where we use the Animation Illustrations from Norm to create a simple children’s book

In case you’re not aware of those illustrations, here’s a sample: 

One of the things I like about these illustrations is how much is captured in their simplicity. The lack of surrounding detail combined with Norm’s informative sketch strokes results in highly evocative scenes of a character in moving drama.

So I thought… If we were to print these images into a book of actions – then give each page and scene a simple narration – I think we might have something parents would love to read to children… and something children would love to have read to them. 

See Alice float? High in the sky. She flies on her dress. If she falls will she die?

What do you think of that idea? Are there other parents out there who see something worthwhile in this? 

I asked Lucky and he said, “Da da ba aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” I think that means, “Whatever dad, just throw me in the air.” So he’s now floating around in the air.

Let us know in the Comments below your feedback on the book idea and the calendar sample. 

We can discuss this stuff in a bit more detail during the Live Stream later this week. 

Usual time and place. My Twitch Channel at 7PM PDT on Wednesday. 

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From Shanghai in The Sky With Lucky,


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