Toto, We’re Not Dorothy Anymore

Dear Insane Children, 

Just a quick share of the images that were sketched overnight – still playing around with themes and ideas for a Dorothy main character for an Oz adventure. 

Keep in mind that right now we’re in 100% brainstorm mode. Just throwing things out there and seeing… not what sticks but what inspires. No idea where this will lead. But it’s an excellent peek into the creative process.

Main image above is from Jen. 

And here’s Omri’s take… 

And here’s our conversation on these designs…. 

Of her sketch Jen says: 

Dorothy with the key to the Emerald City. 

The idea being maybe she inherited the park as some kind of story where she’s unaware she’s a park actor. 

She’s the new wizard of Oz, post some kind of annihilation event, that she is also unaware that is actually outside the park. She has done this many times, unaware of the last time. Forced to live in a loop until something finally gives and the park starts to break down without outside supplies and assistance. Sort of like an Alchemic groundhog day? Or perhaps the “Real” Dorothy was driven underground, and emerges into the park, and has to deal with defunct park actors and titans? 

Omri then says: 

i like the eye idea, but think of it- like a green infection? we need a solid “original” look which is very simple and very recognizable without falling into known designs too much. not building or changing anything yet, it needs to be solid.

According to the books her “color” was sky-blue and patterns and i think we ought to stick to that OR go in a totally different direction but. if she’s expected to perform then i’d, as a costumer, prefer her like described in the books and more sexualized. i’d buy this. BTW i thought about it and i don’t mind having her shoes actually part of her foot. maybe turning this into heels but the lower part of her body be metallic so it’s visible that the shoes are integrated with her legs. Jen i think this is the defect you need. like she’s look human, the cloning etc process works but the legs didn’t. we can even give her one “normal” looking leg and the other looks like a robot’s.

And then American (that’s me) said: 

A couple of bits of feedback to the updates on this thread: 

1. @Jennifer Daww ‘s Magic Witch Dorothy… Love this. She’s just … pretty damn fantastic. I think if we announced that this was the girl in the story (what story?!) people would be generally positive. Lots to like… the bows, ponytails, crazy hair, different colored eyes (David Bowie!), outfit, and the Key… A cosplayer’s delight! 

2. @Omri ‘s private school (for wizards and witches) Dorothy is also pretty great. And plenty for cosplayers to latch onto… stockings, hair, staff, and dress. 

Since we don’t know what our story is just yet… I’m going to throw out a nonsense method of judging these side-by-side similar to my “would you get a tattoo of that” filter. So… 

If you saw either of these during a Con (ComicCon, etc) from a distance… which would you instantly recognize? Which conveys a personality that would beam across a crowded room? 

Beyond that… I *really* like some of the elements wrapped into Jen’s design… “Lion hair, Tin Man arm, Scrawcrow dress…” 

One thing to think about for both of these characters: The starting state of their adventure. She can’t start out the adventure in full attire and fully powered-up. Imagine she’s shipwrecked on the island… what would she look like at that point? Strip her of all the decorations. Like Alice in her Asylum robe. Something to think about. Because it then leads to the adventure required to attain all of these things… (example hint: she loses her real in the storm/wreck that brings her to the island). 

Let us know in the comments below what you think of these days. Omri and Jen (and I) are reading your comments. We don’t always have time to reply to those comments here on Patreon but the ideas and suggestions ARE taken into account as we explore different ideas. And your ideas are GREAT! Keep them coming 🙂 

Expect more updates on Oz and Alice stuff in the coming days. And on the plushies! Yay. 

From Shanghai in a Typhoon, 


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