$75 Tier Bunneh Questions

Hi everyone

Font Lord here with a little FAQ type post for you all based on some questions you had in the previous post about the upcoming super awesome bunny+print promotion month.

So, without further ado, here we go…

1) You need to be at the $75 tier BEFORE October 1st, otherwise you’ll miss out on the promotion.  So please change your pledge during September to get that deal if you need to.

2) No, there will be no way to choose the angry or love bunny.
Simply giving everyone at that tier the same bunny cuts down on a lot of behind the scenes management.
Like having to set up extra projects on Backerkit or Survey Monkey and then doing extra data collection on those places and then you have the potential that people won’t get their surveys due to spam filters and people might hold off on filling in their surveys for months so we need to keep track of those guys.  
It just adds much much more randomness and chaos to the situation we’d rather avoid.

3) The same goes for mixing and matching different prints and multiple bunnies.
There’s going to be no way to alter these things.
The promotion is 1xAngry Bunny+Bag and 1xWatcher print. Full stop!

4) Although offering a random bunny would be less troublesome than point 2 and 3, we still think that people would prefer to know what’s coming rather than wait a few weeks for delivery and then not get the thing they’d hoped for   🙁

5) If that is going to be your first ever month at the $75 level, then yes, you will still also get the Chaos necklace as well as the print and bunny.
Such deal, very bargain. Wow!

So there we go.
I think that’s covered everything from the previous post’s comments   🙂

– Cheers

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