Asylum Story Timeline

Dear Insane Children, 

We hosted a fun livestream over on Twitch yesterday where we watched me continue to be terrible at my own game, talked about Oz, covered updates to Asylum, looked at some Plushie Dreadfuls, and (last but not least) chatted about the excellent meeting I had this week with a potential financier/publisher for Asylum (and our projects in general). Whew!

If you missed it, fret not. It’s up on My YouTube Channel now. Hit that link and enjoy!

Timeline of Insanity

As you know, I’ve been working with Alex on mapping out the Full Narrative for Alice: Asylum. And we’ve recently, with a lot of help from our Insane Children, reached a point where we have a pretty good grasp on the whole adventure from start-to-finish. In a recent call, I described the structure as “three trains running parallel which we (the audience) hop between as the story progresses.” Alex liked that analogy it seems – and so he created a visual representation of the overall narrative (main image, above). 

We’ll share this image again at the same time that we post the Narrative Overview document we’re currently working on. 

Bottom line is that we’re in a good place and I feel happy about the work we’re doing and the results we’re achieving. Good stuff! 

Look forward to sharing more awesome news and updates next week. 

From Shanghai with Love (Rabbit), 


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