The Quickest of Quick Rabbit Updates


Font Lord here with a reminder about how the previous $75 tier print+rabbit promotion works.

It actually says this in the FAQ I wrote, but here it is again as I’ve had a handful of people asking about this.

There will be no email of any kind sent to you in regards to the rabbit or print.
There’s no need.
We already have your address.

The only email you will get is if it’s your first ever month at $75, and then you will get a mail asking about the Chaos necklace size you want.
These mails are already sent   🙂
Check your spam or promotions folders if you’re missing it.

And that’s about it.
Rabbits are already on the way, as of Oct 11th.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery before you message us worrying that it’s not coming or has got lost   😉

Prints are currently in the process of being sent right now!

– Cheers

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