The Fresh Prints of Shanghai

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here with a teeny tiny bit of info about the current crop of prints and what it means for you   🙂

At the very top of this post, you can see “Londerland” by Omri Koresh.
A very popular image that was requested by many of you to be one of our Patreon prints.
Your wish is our command.

All those people who paid $75 this month will be getting this print (and yes, it’s also going to become an option for the 3x$35 tier people too)
The email for the 3x$35 people will be sent a little later this week.

“But what’s the print for next month?!” I hear you cry.
(Those people charged at the beginning of January)

That’ll be “Holding The Moon” by Joey Zeng.

Amazing stuff, right?

Also on the topic of prints, sorry to say that we are a little behind on the sending of prints.
It’s crazy busy these days.  

We promise we won’t forget you but if you are still waiting on The Watcher, can you please wait another couple of weeks before poking us about a tracking link   🙂

So, I wonder, what kinds of prints do you like the best. Help us select the kinds of art prints we offer in the future…
Do you like the big Alice portraits (Looking in the Shadows, Off With Her Head)

Or are you more of a Wonderlandscape kinda person? (Denial, Tea Port)

Maybe you like more stylized prints such as Alex‘s Chaos series?

Sound off in the comments and we’ll see what we can do going forwards into 2021   🙂

Hope you’re all staying snuggly and warm where you are (if it’s cold)
I’ve broke out the thermal undies and electric blanket here at Font Manor.
VERY cozy!!

– Cheers

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