Hysteria Christmas (Rabbit and BD Presents)

Dear Insane Children, 

Merry Christmas! (At least it is Christmas here in Shanghai). Woo!

And I have presents for you!

First up, the revised version of Hysteria Rabbit and Tote Bag: 

Changes to the bag and rabbit reflect all the feedback we collected via Crowd Design from you here on Patreon and over on my Instagram. Note that the back of the bag DOES include the Mysterious logo. I’ll take better pictures and post those later. But we think this is pretty close to final – a few more tweaks to things like eye position and fur type… but we’re almost there! 

Remember, this will be a Patreon exclusive for a few months in 2021 (then made available over on Mysterious). There are some previous posts where this is discussed in more detail. 


The other present I have for you is: We’ve signed an agreement with a major film producer in Hollywood who will work to make “OZ: Adventures” into a TV series!

A massive THANK YOU to the Insane Children for your help via Crowd Design in defining and presenting the “OZ: Adventures” concept. Our work here on Patreon and our Live Streams generated the interest and awareness that eventually converted into this deal. Great work! 

At some point in January 2021, I’ll provide more details about the company and the work being done to get Oz made into a major TV series. [REDACTED 2] will be named and brought into the Crowd Design process. Yay! 

As part of the vision for this project, we’ll continue to involve Patreon, Crowd Design, Live Streams, and all the other aspects of our Community that make what we do here so unique. And the founder/CEO of [REDACTED 2] is very supportive of us trailblazing with this new type of development process – in which the fans are at the table as we create the content that becomes games, tv series, merch, and more.

I also believe that the progress we’ve made on this tv series deal can help to move along the BD work we’re doing with [REDACTED] towards building a game studio where we can bring Oz and Alice to life. Yay! Progress! 

Speaking of Asylum, our art team continues to crank out amazing illustrations based on the Asylum Narrative. More of that content will be shared next week after the Christmas Holiday. Martin and I are also talking about doing a Live Stream next week on Tuesday or Wednesday (Shanghai time). More on that soon! 

Hope everyone is warm, happy, and healthy. Sending out massive LOVE to everyone! 

From Shanghai with Hysteria, 


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