Predictions for 2021 (and Buh Bye 2020!)

Dear Insane Children, 

Happy (almost) New Year! 2020 was a bit crap. But it’s almost over and… well, here’s hoping (REALLY HOPING) that 2021 brings us a bunch of good stuff. 

Speaking of good stuff… 

We had a fun live stream over Twitch yesterday. If you missed it, I’ve just uploaded a copy over on my YouTube Channel. You can check that out HERE

But if you don’t want to sit through a 2-hour live stream and only want to hear what we have in store for 2021, you can click HERE

The shorter video walks through the various projects we have going on at the moment – and talks about the different ways those might (or might not) move forward in 2021. 

All of this is, of course, only made possible with your support, involvement, and trust. And for that, again, a huge THANK YOU to the Insane Children. 

I have a feeling 2021 will be the year that all of our investment, commitment, and creativity will start paying off. Fingers crossed!

From Shanghai with Frozen Crossed Fingers, 


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