Hysteria and Chinese New Year

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here again.
How are you?

Just stopping by to remind you of 2 things.

1) February is when the $75 tier changes.

Starting next month, the Chaos Necklace part of the $75 tier is being replaced with the Hysteria Rabbit + Tote Bag Set (Image below). Yay!

Excellent stuff.

We talked about it more in detail HERE.
Please have a read of the details at that link.

And also next month’s ‘print of the month’ (Image Below) is pretty darn fine too, so it really is a great month to go to $75 if you were thinking about it.

2) Chinese New Year is coming.

As many of you know, businesses, production, and pretty much everything, grinds to a halt in China during the CNY holiday. As we are in Shanghai, this affects us quite a bit.

(Editor’s Note: American is also moving house on 30th of January, so that will introduce delays for art print signing, packing, and delivering). 

So please be prepared for potential delays on items getting sent out if you’re expecting anything.

This is just a rough guess but I expect CNY disruptions to be from around February 1st to February 20th. (Editor Note: Many factories in China are closed from Feb 1st-27th. And shipping is delayed between 7th and 20th). 

That’s it really.

Just wanted to point out those 2 things before February hit   🙂

– Cheers

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