OH NO! That’s No Hero!

Dear Insane Children, 

Behold The Jabberwock 2.019! Emerged from his Crypt of Improvement ready to take on The Chaos and save Wonderland… Except you know he’s not going to save Wonderland, is he? Nah!

But it was nice to think a saviour was waiting behind that door who would make all of Alice’s problems go away. Fortunately, she’s half-solved all her problems in the process of re-building this scaly not-solution. So she still has half a hope and a pretty good chance of saving herself and Wonderland. 

Another excellent illustration from Adam. He says this is still a work in progress – but it’s a really beautiful one. Another art print? I guess it’s a good thing that as we go through the narrative and illustrate these scenes, most of them end up being art print material. Seems to suggest it’s going to be a beautiful game! 

Let us know in the comments below what you think of our hissy helper. Does he have any chance for redemption? 

Live Stream

Join us over on Twitch/YouTube this week for another stream from the underground lair. Usual time and place: 

That’s Thursday morning here in Shanghai at 10am (HK Time) and if you’re on the West Side of the USA then it’s 6PM PST. 

We seem to be able to dual-stream these days so you can use either of these links: 



Hope to see you there! 

From Shanghai in Green Steam, 


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